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Wendy Booker’s story is about overcoming obstacles – whatever they may be – through a journey of self-discovery, serendipity and stubbornness.


Wendy travels frequently telling her story of determination, disappointment, transformation and triumph to audiences large and small.

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wendyspeaking460x300 Wendy is using her journey to carry a message of determination and hope to the world. Let Wendy Booker inspire your audience!

The Poles Expedition

Wendy in Full Gear On Easter Sunday, Wendy Booker became the first person with MS to reach the North Pole! Learn more about this amazing journey here...

About Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Learn more about Wendy's MS diagnosis and what you can do to help others with the same disease.



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Changing Altitudes

Changing Altitudes

I am thinking with the season’s changing it is a good time for me to take mental stock and change along with the season. It has been another magical summer full of all the things I love… self discovery, new friends, new experiences. I also have been so comfortable with all that is familiar, spending
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Boston Strong: Running the 2014 Boston Marathon


Boston Strong

Living here in Boston we have been hearing months of inspirational stories and heroism around last year’s horrific events at the 2013 marathon.  As this year’s race grew closer the city reverberated with images and stories of “Boston Strong”, a moniker this city has shown time and again. It almost became too much for me. 
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Wendy Booker y Thomas Peralta durante Rockefeller Center

MS Does not Discriminate from Latin Vision, by Luis Escobar

MS Does not Discriminate, Latin Vision, by Luis Escobar March 3, 2014  Although multiple sclerosis more regularly affects people from the northern hemisphere , cases are becoming more common within the Hispanic and African American population.  “The disease is not exclusive to one ethnic group or another,”  confirmed Dr. Zhovits Ryerson in perfect Spanish ,
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NYC Marathon photo Nov. 2013

Taking Care of Business

Somewhere under all that ice and snow out there is a sign of spring. I know this must be true because I am partaking in a spring ritual. On April 21 I am running the  Boston Marathon. This isn’t a new endeavor for me and I really thought I was hanging up my marathon shoes
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Wendy Climb to the Top

2014 Climb To The Top

Just home from NYC and participating in the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Climb to the Top, presented by premier sponsor Biogen Idec, at Rockefeller Center, kicking off MS Awareness week! An incredible event! )



Okay, one just has to see the humor in this.  Right?  I didn’t make this up.  I couldn’t make something like this up!  I find it so amusing that I just had to share it.  But before I disclose my most embarrassing moment….ever!  Please tell me something like this has happened to you? Okay….I ran
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The joy of….

Wow!! What happened? Where have you been Wendy Booker? Up until about ten days ago I had been in one of those ‘slumps’. I talk about those ‘slumps’ when I am out speaking about MS. I describe the ‘slump’ as laying on the couch, watching Oprah and eating bon bons. Yeah, that kind of slump.
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New Altitude Giveaway!

New Altitude Giveaway!

New Altitude chronicles one woman’s remarkable passage beyond tough times to the top of the world. After a devastating MS diagnosis, Wendy Booker fell haphazardly into running the Boston Marathon for Charity.  From that one simple act, an extraordinary series of circumstances unfolds that is nothing short of kismet.  Overcoming illness and divorce, and tackling
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